Bring your brand to life!


Help your customers & clients lose less of everything, including their time!
Help them find your brand, including your brand content!

Technology companies are famous for solving problems that people didn’t know they had.
Thinkit has a solution for one problem lots of people really do have: Losing stuff.

Your clients will never loose again their keys, their devices… and their time !
Thinkit not only lets them find their devices using their phone, it lets them find their phone using their devices. Think of when you’re about to leave home with your keys in your hand, and you suddenly realize you’re missing your phone. Press a button on your keychain Thinkit and your phone will give out a loud ring — even if it’s on silent.

Think(of)it as a big little companion who will always be at their side.

At Thinkit we belive that technology, design and creativity can solve problems that most people believe inevitable. We believe that simple solutions, powered by new technologies, can have sparkling results.

I love it. I tested it out today at work. I walked away half a kilometre from my keys. I then opened the Thinkit App and clicked on maps it then directed me back to my keys.
Absolutely love it, even more when my little girl has hidden my keys in the boot of its Kettler car.

Paul Miller (Marketing Director of a european spare part distributor)


Making innovative use of data, including customer and geo-location information, you can use our integrated Customer App to serve up offers users feel are customized for them.

Most people are creatures of habit, and your loyalty program should speak to these feelings. Create a pattern of communication between your brand and program members so they know what to expect and when to expect it.

Use Thinkit’s in-app Messaging function to create a customer engagement that evolves from awareness to trust. It reaches audiences with compelling content & rewards that gets their attention. And it moves them to action with content that is relevant, useful, and timely.


Offer an exciting giveaway: both useful & innovative.

Your choice of tradeshow gifts can make or break your event performance, so make your giveaways count!
You want to think outside the box? You want to offer something creative AND useful at the same time?
Thinkit offers you the possibility to give your customers something that they will use everyday to keep track of what matters to them.

Small corporate gifts are a great way to thank customers for their business and reinforce your brand at the same time. You can provide branded pens for pennies and it will put your company name and contact details at your customers’ fingertips for months to come.
But don’t scrimp too much, cheap and cheerful can be a false economy. There’s no point giving a really cheap pen which is going to run out of ink really quickly – not only will your brand exposure be short-lived, giving low quality items reflects badly on your company.

The Thinkit not only is a new creative way of customer engagement, but definitely makes their life easier!

Something Special, Something Memorable.

Leave a memorable impression on your prospective customers with something that lasts. More personal than a t-shirt, stress ball or pen, your customized Thinkit is functional, unique and displays your brand. Give your customers a quality product that keeps their keys safe and your brand visible at all times.

Gifts for executives & employees

Recognition: The Secret to Increasing Employee Loyalty and Performance.

Good corporate gift ideas can improve morale and drive sales. Corporate gifts are strong as motivational tools for employees, clients or customers alike. Corporate gifts an be a simple and valued option to use when fulfilling on an employee incentive program, employee rewards program, consumer promotion or rebate program. When considering which gift card provider to choose, Thinkit is definitely a smart choice.

Gain valuable time.
Thinkit is a small Bluetooth tracker that finds everyday items in seconds—like your phone, keys, and wallet.

Associated with the Customer App, it represents not only a valuable corporate gift for your employees, but at the same time a customised, brand application as a privileged communication channel with your employees.

In addition, it is a gift award that can be used by their family, if they choose, so they can enjoy the gift together.

Thinkit has an app for both iPhone and your Android smartphone.
The smart application allows your customer to easily track their lost items so they an always stay connected with their most beloved things.